Monday, May 31, 2010

Dublin: Jeni's Ice Cream

Type: Desserts
Address: 1 W. Bridge St., Dublin, Ohio Map
Phone: (614) 792-5364
Hours: [Apr–Sep] 11am-11pm [Oct–Mar] 12pm-10pm (Sun-Thu) 11pm (Fri-Sat)
Price: ~5 USD
Tasty gauge: 9.8/10
Service rating: 9.8/10
Environment rating: 7.8/10


Getting to know random people on the flights sometimes does bring good things. Jeni's ice cream, which was once featured on the New York Times, was brought to our attention by Lisa Marie Miller who works at the local Dispatch. Having heard how wonderful it is, me and my co-worker Dorothy decided to journey down this famous place after work last week.

Flavors that bloom

It's called flavors that bloom because Jeni's ice cream serves homemade handcrafted seasonal flavors. Jeni takes ingredients freshly found in the Ohio countryside according to the season and mixes them with responsibly-raised exotics from around the world. Jeni's ice cream are known to be less sweet and more flavorful, which both me and Dorothy has proven it true.

We ordered two studies ($4.75 USD) which consist of three tasting scoops each. The flavors we tried out were: Thai chili, Mackenzie creamery goat cheese with roasted red cherries, riesling poached pear, wildberry lavender, rhubarb rosé, mango lassi. And frankly speaking, the flavors were all so good that we had a very hard time trying to rank them. The closest conclusion we could come to was probably a 6 for mango lassi, and then 1s for all the other flavors. My personal favorite was the riesling poached pear. It really pretty much taste just like a real pear, very refreshing and cool. The first bite of the Thai chili came down with a very peanut like flavor, then the spices came around slowly. The rhubarb rosé was very interesting too, you can actually taste the rosé first and then the wine flavor came a ted later. The flavor of goat cheese in the Mackenzie creamery goat cheese with roasted red cherries absolutely stood out. It felt very different from having a bite of cheese cake in the way that it didn't feel stuffy at all. Last but not least was the wildberry lavender which flavors were once again all separated in very distinguishable layers. It almost felt like science to me, that the layers would just kick into your taste buds by a carefully timed sequence.

Sundaes and Macaroons

Other than that, Jeni's also serves sundaes and macaroons. They look big, don't they?

To summarize, Jeni's Ice Cream is definitely a must-try if you happen to be traveling around Ohio. To make things even better, Jeni's do ship out to almost all US states. Check under 'Buy Now' on their website for shipping rates.

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