Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ohio: j.liu restaurant & bar

Type: [Fusion] Italian, American, Chinese, Thai
Address: 50 W. Bridge Street, Dublin, Ohio Map
Phone: (614) 718-1818
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-110pm, happy hour Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm ($1 off all drinks and appetizers in the bar), Sunday brunch, every Sun 11am-2pm
Price: Casual dining
Tasty gauge: 8.4/10
Service rating: 8.5/10
Environment rating: 8.4/10
Website: jliurestaurant.com

奇怪的 fusion 餐廳

j.liu 的 menu 劈頭有三大個 section, American, Asian Fare, Italian. 台長禁不住轉頭問身邊的同事, 'Hm, so is that one chef or three chefs?'

Soups and appetizers

同事點了 lobster bisque 和 calamari﹐ 還可以啦。 來 j.liu 必吃的反而是沾麵包的 bread dip﹐ olive oil mixed with sun-dried tomatoes and seven spices, it's surprisingly delicious. 可以外買﹐ 15$ 一瓶。

Filet Oscar

台長是晚點了 Filet Oscar﹐ 100% natural center cut accompanied by balsamic-grilled asparagus, Asiago potato cakes and veal demi-glaze. 台長要一貫的 show me the pan﹐生熟度很滿意﹐証明他們的肉夠新鮮。肉質很好﹐蟹肉忌廉干邑醬汁稍稍有點鹹﹐有蟹味卻但不算很香。不算是做得頂好的 Filet Oscar﹐但可以接受﹐算中上貨。

If your plate is screwed, that's your problem, don't touch mine. [+]

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