Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ohio: Tucci's Wood-Fired Bistro

Type: American [Californian]
Address: 35 North High St., Dublin, Ohio Map
Phone: (614) 792-3466
Bar: Mon-Sat: 4pm-close, Early dinner special: 4pm-close, Regular hours: Mon-Thur: 5pm-10pm, Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm, Sun: Closed

Price: Casual dining
Tasty gauge: 2.1(Mondays chef)-8.4(other days of the week)/10
Service rating: 8.5/10
Environment rating: 8.5/10
Website: tuccisbistro.com
Menus: Lunch, Dinner

Wine of the day

Tonight's pick is Lander-Jenkins 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, and for this price, I have to say it's a fantastic wine. Like it says on the web, 'Full-bodied and well-structured with flavors of ripe Bing cherry, black currant, crème brulée, firm but integrated tannins leading to a long lingering finish.' Every single word in that sentence is true. A list of all the awards this wine has received can be found here, rutherfordwine.com.


我們點了 Brie in Phyllo ($8), baked and wrapped in prosciutto, garnished with rosemary honey and hazelnuts 和 Beef carpaccio ($10), shaved manchego cheese, crisp capers, balsamic greens and gaufrette potatoes. Brie in Phyllo 是相當好吃﹐應該是台長吃過最好吃的。 脆皮鬆化﹐芝士香而不膩。我本來只想吃一小塊﹐怕吃不下主菜。同事堅持給我切一大塊﹐說很好很好吃。唔﹐好吧﹐結果﹐真的啊﹐很好吃﹐一點滯口的感覺也沒有。再看看 Beef carpaccio﹐唔﹐很好看吧? 大概也很好吃? 哈哈﹐你被騙了。這應該是台長平生吃過最難吃的 Beef carpaccio﹐從肉質厚薄味道到醬料都是錯的。僅留的2.1分由沙拉和薄片芝士所得。那麼薄的肉可以這麼鹹﹐真的很嚇人。


主菜牛魔王台長點了 Porcini filet mignon ($25), complemented by a hearty mushroom risotto and asparagus. served with red onion marmalade and a gorgonzola and cabernet demi. 同事則點了 Chorizo crusted grouper ($23), spicy pan-fried grouper served crispy with goat cheese potato cakes, wilted baby spinach
and a tomato-scallion emulsion. 重點是﹐其實台長是第二次在這裡吃 filet mignon﹐同事也是第二次在這裡吃 grouper. 第一次﹐星期四晚上﹐什麼都很好吃﹐色香味俱全。之後再來﹐星期三晚上﹐也很好吃﹐色香味俱全。話傳開了﹐就大家都很喜歡來﹐畢竟上路就是要找飯吃。今天晚上﹐我們卻是第一次星期一來﹐因為本來想要去的另外兩間餐店都關門。一行六人﹐大家都很詫異地感到很難吃。細問之下﹐原來是 Monday chef。Service 也沒平日的好。唔。。。Dublin 星期一原來真的是死城﹐找飯吃也難。

讓. [+]

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