Monday, March 29, 2010

Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Restaurant

Type: Tapas
Address: 97 Danforth Avenue (E. of Broadview) Map
Phone: (416) 778-0007
Hours: Open daily @ 5pm
Price: Feeling generous
Tasty gauge: 7.6(other days of the week)/10
Service rating: 7.9/10
Environment rating: 8.1/10
Menus: View

Drink of the day

We had one lady on the table tonight who absolutely falls for Sangria, so Sangria it is for the night. They served it in a nice little clay pot with lots of fresh apple and pear cubes with it.

To start off the meal, we ordered Chirozo con brandy ($9.95), authentic home made Spanish chorizo sausage sautéed in brandy. We also had some hummus served along with olives and bread.


The interesting thing about Embrujo Flamenco is that, some of the dishes are absolutely amazing while others are an unacceptable piece of crap for the price they are offering. The first dish you see on the left is Pato con peras ($10.95), duck confit with pears and its value truly surpasses its cost. The quality of the meat, taste, sauce, and the pear that goes with it makes it an excellent dish overall. However, when we moved on to the Puntillas en salsa de mostaza ($9.95), grilled black angus sirloin on a bed of home cut fries topped with
a light mustard sauce, and the Pechuga de pollo al Jerez ($8.95) sautéed chicken breast in Spanish sherry, they were unfortunately very disappointing. The sirloin were very 'chewy' if I have to find a word for it, and both the chicken and the sirloin carried very little taste.


Given the disappointments, we still finished our meal with desserts. We ordered caramel custard and mango sorbet with fresh strawberries. Both of them were okay, tho' I cannot say they were overly enlightening.

To summarize, Embrujo Flamenco did carried some amazing foods, but you'll need to know which are the right ones to order, because as a matter of fact, they also served some dishes that were just not up to the value.

不倒.翁. [+]

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ohio: Tucci's Wood-Fired Bistro

Type: American [Californian]
Address: 35 North High St., Dublin, Ohio Map
Phone: (614) 792-3466
Bar: Mon-Sat: 4pm-close, Early dinner special: 4pm-close, Regular hours: Mon-Thur: 5pm-10pm, Fri-Sat: 5pm-11pm, Sun: Closed

Price: Casual dining
Tasty gauge: 2.1(Mondays chef)-8.4(other days of the week)/10
Service rating: 8.5/10
Environment rating: 8.5/10
Menus: Lunch, Dinner

Wine of the day

Tonight's pick is Lander-Jenkins 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, and for this price, I have to say it's a fantastic wine. Like it says on the web, 'Full-bodied and well-structured with flavors of ripe Bing cherry, black currant, crème brulée, firm but integrated tannins leading to a long lingering finish.' Every single word in that sentence is true. A list of all the awards this wine has received can be found here,


我們點了 Brie in Phyllo ($8), baked and wrapped in prosciutto, garnished with rosemary honey and hazelnuts 和 Beef carpaccio ($10), shaved manchego cheese, crisp capers, balsamic greens and gaufrette potatoes. Brie in Phyllo 是相當好吃﹐應該是台長吃過最好吃的。 脆皮鬆化﹐芝士香而不膩。我本來只想吃一小塊﹐怕吃不下主菜。同事堅持給我切一大塊﹐說很好很好吃。唔﹐好吧﹐結果﹐真的啊﹐很好吃﹐一點滯口的感覺也沒有。再看看 Beef carpaccio﹐唔﹐很好看吧? 大概也很好吃? 哈哈﹐你被騙了。這應該是台長平生吃過最難吃的 Beef carpaccio﹐從肉質厚薄味道到醬料都是錯的。僅留的2.1分由沙拉和薄片芝士所得。那麼薄的肉可以這麼鹹﹐真的很嚇人。


主菜牛魔王台長點了 Porcini filet mignon ($25), complemented by a hearty mushroom risotto and asparagus. served with red onion marmalade and a gorgonzola and cabernet demi. 同事則點了 Chorizo crusted grouper ($23), spicy pan-fried grouper served crispy with goat cheese potato cakes, wilted baby spinach
and a tomato-scallion emulsion. 重點是﹐其實台長是第二次在這裡吃 filet mignon﹐同事也是第二次在這裡吃 grouper. 第一次﹐星期四晚上﹐什麼都很好吃﹐色香味俱全。之後再來﹐星期三晚上﹐也很好吃﹐色香味俱全。話傳開了﹐就大家都很喜歡來﹐畢竟上路就是要找飯吃。今天晚上﹐我們卻是第一次星期一來﹐因為本來想要去的另外兩間餐店都關門。一行六人﹐大家都很詫異地感到很難吃。細問之下﹐原來是 Monday chef。Service 也沒平日的好。唔。。。Dublin 星期一原來真的是死城﹐找飯吃也難。

讓. [+]

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ohio: j.liu restaurant & bar

Type: [Fusion] Italian, American, Chinese, Thai
Address: 50 W. Bridge Street, Dublin, Ohio Map
Phone: (614) 718-1818
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-110pm, happy hour Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm ($1 off all drinks and appetizers in the bar), Sunday brunch, every Sun 11am-2pm
Price: Casual dining
Tasty gauge: 8.4/10
Service rating: 8.5/10
Environment rating: 8.4/10

奇怪的 fusion 餐廳

j.liu 的 menu 劈頭有三大個 section, American, Asian Fare, Italian. 台長禁不住轉頭問身邊的同事, 'Hm, so is that one chef or three chefs?'

Soups and appetizers

同事點了 lobster bisque 和 calamari﹐ 還可以啦。 來 j.liu 必吃的反而是沾麵包的 bread dip﹐ olive oil mixed with sun-dried tomatoes and seven spices, it's surprisingly delicious. 可以外買﹐ 15$ 一瓶。

Filet Oscar

台長是晚點了 Filet Oscar﹐ 100% natural center cut accompanied by balsamic-grilled asparagus, Asiago potato cakes and veal demi-glaze. 台長要一貫的 show me the pan﹐生熟度很滿意﹐証明他們的肉夠新鮮。肉質很好﹐蟹肉忌廉干邑醬汁稍稍有點鹹﹐有蟹味卻但不算很香。不算是做得頂好的 Filet Oscar﹐但可以接受﹐算中上貨。

If your plate is screwed, that's your problem, don't touch mine. [+]

Saturday, March 13, 2010

有貨到: 紅蟳 @ Warden T&T [大統華]

Type: Home kitchen 鵪鶉煮飯

如果你鐘意食蟹又識煮飯﹐o甘你就有口福喇﹐因為 Warden T&T o黎o左一箱紅蟳! $13.99/lb.

紅蟳到底係乜東東? 紅蟳是梭子蟹科中體型最大、成長最快的一種。特點是羔多味濃﹐肉質鮮美﹐尤其係有身孕的紅蟳,屬於珍貴的特級海鮮。

有這麼一類人. [+]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ematei 繪馬亭

Ematei 繪馬亭
Type: Japanese
Address: 30 St. Patrick Street (N. of Queen Street W.) Map
Phone: (416) 340-0472
Hours: 11:45am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm weekdays, 5:30pm-10:30pm Saturdays, 5:30pm-10pm Sundays
Payment: Cash, debit, credit
Price: Between casual dining and feeling generous [$4-$8.5/dish, usually about $20-30/person]
Tasty gauge: 7.6/10
Service rating: 8.6/10
Environment rating: 8.2/10 [至少唔洗排隊]







串燒($1.5 each)




汁煮墨魚 taco nikomi ($5.50)﹑燒魚塊

Taco nikomi 是來繪馬亭必吃之物﹐只要你不怕辣。很香很香的甜辣汁底﹐混著濃濃的魷魚和蘿蔔汁﹐加進了蒟蒻小塊﹐好吃程度足有9.5分﹐是下酒佳物!

三文魚子泡飯 Ikura cha($7.5)




Back on the road. [+]