Monday, March 29, 2010

Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Restaurant

Type: Tapas
Address: 97 Danforth Avenue (E. of Broadview) Map
Phone: (416) 778-0007
Hours: Open daily @ 5pm
Price: Feeling generous
Tasty gauge: 7.6(other days of the week)/10
Service rating: 7.9/10
Environment rating: 8.1/10
Menus: View

Drink of the day

We had one lady on the table tonight who absolutely falls for Sangria, so Sangria it is for the night. They served it in a nice little clay pot with lots of fresh apple and pear cubes with it.

To start off the meal, we ordered Chirozo con brandy ($9.95), authentic home made Spanish chorizo sausage sautéed in brandy. We also had some hummus served along with olives and bread.


The interesting thing about Embrujo Flamenco is that, some of the dishes are absolutely amazing while others are an unacceptable piece of crap for the price they are offering. The first dish you see on the left is Pato con peras ($10.95), duck confit with pears and its value truly surpasses its cost. The quality of the meat, taste, sauce, and the pear that goes with it makes it an excellent dish overall. However, when we moved on to the Puntillas en salsa de mostaza ($9.95), grilled black angus sirloin on a bed of home cut fries topped with
a light mustard sauce, and the Pechuga de pollo al Jerez ($8.95) sautéed chicken breast in Spanish sherry, they were unfortunately very disappointing. The sirloin were very 'chewy' if I have to find a word for it, and both the chicken and the sirloin carried very little taste.


Given the disappointments, we still finished our meal with desserts. We ordered caramel custard and mango sorbet with fresh strawberries. Both of them were okay, tho' I cannot say they were overly enlightening.

To summarize, Embrujo Flamenco did carried some amazing foods, but you'll need to know which are the right ones to order, because as a matter of fact, they also served some dishes that were just not up to the value.

不倒.翁. [+]

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